Ganesh Chathurthi is fast approaching and with it starts groups of people visiting homes to collect money to put up public pandal’s.

Yesterday one such group consisting on only teenage boys came knocking. I was a bit sceptical of giving money to kids, but after asking them the various details finally gave them a crisp note.

As a custom they need to give a receipt, and for that they asked me my name so that they can write my name in the “Received from” section. I didn’t want to give my name out to these kids, so asked them to skip it.

Caught off guard they asked once again if I didn’t want the name to written. I gave a affirmative nod. They quickly filled the receipt and handed it to me and moved to the next house.

That is when I looked at the receipt and noticed it had a name written over it in neat Kannada. Can you guess what was written on it?

The name was ಗಣಪತಿ, well it is good to know I look like Ganapathi. :-)