Lately a lot of people have been asking me what my name means. So here is the meaning of both my first name as well as my last/surname, for all the people who want to know about it.


The name ‘Nithin’ has various forms of writing, some people write it as ‘Nitin’, ‘Niteen’ or how my name is ‘Nithin’. The name ‘Nithin’ means

‘The master/follower of the right path’.

Suprised! If you are some one who knows me, do you think the name suits me now? ;-)


For my last/surname, I will quote what is mentioned in wikipedia:

Kamath is a common surname of Gowd Saraswat Brahmins in Konkani speaking communities. As is typical of Konkani surnames, it is believed to be derived from the name of the occupation. “Kaamthi” means landholder, cultivator or agriculturalist. “Kaamthi” is a contraction of “kaama” (work) + “maaththi” (soil). In modern times, the surname is no longer suggestive of the profession. The surname is also believed to be derived from “kaali maTTaachi” which means people from Kali Math. The intelligence of the Kamaths is attributed to their ancestors, who spent time in the Math learning from the goddess Kali.