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MacBook: Disable Chrome from auto starting

I recently purchased a MacBook Air and had to install Google Chrome to use Webex and Hangout calls. Post installation, each time I started/restarted my MacBook, I was greeted with a blank Google Chrome window. This functionality is great if Chrome is your primary browser but irritating if you primarily use Firefox like me and use Chrome for specific activities as needed.

After going through various forums, I finally arrived at the below steps which are simple and straight forward:
1. Goto System Preferences >> Users & Groups.
2. Click on the Login Items tab for your user name.
3. You will see an entry got Google Chrome, remove the entry by first selecting Google Chrome and then clicking on the – (hyphen/minus sign) at the bottom. Do not make the mistake which I did of clicking on the checkbox and expecting it to be removed, you need to click on the minus symbol at the bottom to stop it.

After more than a month of struggling with it, I was relieved to finally get rid of Chrome from popping up each time I started the MacBook Air. Yay!


Keyboard Shortcut for Copy & Paste in Command Prompt

Keyboard ShortcutIf you are old school like me and prefer to stay closer to the keyboard rather than use the mouse, the copy and paste in Windows Command Prompt can be a bit tricky. But as usual the menu options provided by Windows allows to copy and paste without using a mouse. Here’s the keyboard shortcut to perform the copy and paste operation:

[ Alt + Space -> E -> K ] will take you to mark mode.
Once in mark mode use the keyboard up/down/left/right keys to get to the start point, then use Shift + [up/down/left/right] keys to select the text.
Now press enter to copy the text.

[ Alt + Space -> E -> P ] will paste the text in the command prompt.

Sometimes simple things which are straight forward take most of our time, simple tricks like these can speed up the tasks and save time.