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New Year Resolution

New Year Resolutions : No Success?

New Year Resolution

We will soon be entering a new calendar year and with it also comes one of the most common question of ‘What’s your new year resolution?’.

Yes, we all have tried setting a new year resolution and failed, so have many of the people around us. So why is that most of us are unable to keep the resolutions we make. If you ask me it would be due to very vaguely defined resolutions.

For example many people would say ‘I want to lose weight’, this resolution is defined but not well defined. If instead one makes a resolution that ‘I want to lose 3 Kgs by June end’, it has been defined and also a target has been set. This motivates us to moke toward achieve the final goal.

One more mistake we do is set one big goal, instead if we set mini milestones in between it helps in measuring our progress towards meeting the resolution. In the above example, the resolution can be set as ‘I want to lose 3 Kgs by June end, and will lose 0.5 Kgs every month’.

Finally, setting the resolution is one part, deciding on the action towards achieving is also as important as the resolution. For the above example, one can say ‘I want to lost 3 Kgs by June end, and will lose 0.5 Kgs every month by walking for 15 mins each day and avoiding fatty foods.’

Hope you have a good resolution set for the coming year. I certainly do, my resolution as regards to blogging is to write atleast one article each month for the first six month and two articles every month thereafter. Wish me luck. All the best guys with your resolutions and have a great year of 2012.

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