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Romare Bearden Park – Charlotte

Romare Bearden Park located at 300 S. Church Street, Charlotte NC memorializes the late artist Romare Bearden and is one of the newer parks in Charlotte. At just 5.4 acres it is small but being very close to Charlotte Uptown it presents modernity blending with nature and a very good get away for some good time.

Having visited the park on 18th July on a warm and sunny Saturday morning, I was witness to a lot happening in the park already a very good indication that lots of people visit it. There was a photo shoot going on for a marriage, a yoga session in progress, people who had come to walk their pets and then there were coffee tables where in construction workers from the near by constructions were taking time off and catching up on a snack.

The park has a focal point around the waterfall fountain which provides for some good photo opportunities and also a good way to cool yourself down for times when the temperatures were upward of 35 degrees Celsius. The fountain overlooks the grassy play area, as it was late morning there was a group which was busy with Yoga, but once they were done the kids came in and started playing soccer. The park also has a small flower garden and coffee table seats to sit and relax.

The city keeps holding lots of events at regular intervals to promote the park and encourage people to visit the park (You can visit the Romare Bearden Park page get more information about the park and the events happening over there). Overall it is a good park to visit on a casual evening to sit and relax especially if you are in and around Charlotte Uptown and want to take some time out.

Romare Bearden Park Charlotte Nithin Kamath 02

Romare Bearden Park Charlotte Nithin Kamath 03

Romare Bearden Park Charlotte Nithin Kamath 01

Lazy 5 Ranch – Mooresville

Lazy 5 Ranch is a privately owned ranch located about an hours drive from Charlotte. The ranch initially started as one man’s interest to raise exotic animals, but seeing the interest it has now turned into a ranch where everyone especially the kids can get up and close with the animals. Being close to Charlotte meant we could visit it and come back in a few hours. Read on for the experience.

Date: 5th April 2014
Weather: Bright and Sunny
Location: Lazy 5 Ranch, Mooresville, NC
Distance: ~60kms from Charlotte
Rates/Fees: $11 (Adult), $16 (Wagon Ride)

We started for the ranch around afternoon and after a hour and a half long drive we reached the ranch around 2pm. The scenery on either side of the road as we entered Mooresville was just beautiful and reminded us of the old time village. At the entry point we had two options either take the wagon ride or take the car inside the ranch. The next available slot for wagon ride was sometime around 4:30pm so we decided to go around the ranch in the car itself.

Lazy 5 Ranch - Wagon Ride

For those reading I had hopped on to the trip without knowing anything about the place, something which I am used to now if you have read my earlier travel posts. So based on what I had heard I was expecting more of a zoo kind of environment but what totally struck me was the way it was laid out. We were seated in a car driving around a 5.5km ranch with animals walking around freely and coming up to the car windows and we could feed them freely without any worry (the animal feed was provided to us at the entry point). It took me sometime to let the fact creep in as for a person like me who has always visited zoos or national parks in India where either the animal would be in cage or I would be in a caged vehicle, this was a totally different experience.

Lazy 5 Ranch - Feeding the Animals from the car

As we moved around and feed the animal, we noticed that all the animals were ID tagged and were quite friendly. They softly took the feed provided in our hands and waited for more and moved on if we did not offer more (we had only one box of feed).

Lazy 5 Ranch - ID Tagged Animals

We came across a lots of birds and animals, some of the ones we came across are:

  • Ostrich
  • Emu
  • Watusi
  • Bahama Cattle
  • Zebra
  • Himalayan Tahr
  • Nubian Goat
  • Deer
  • Giraffe
  • Rihno
  • Pigs
  • Llama
  • Camel

We came across the follow outside the driving areas but still inside the ranch:

  • Peacock
  • Macaw
  • Parrot
  • Pigeon
  • Donkey
  • Horse
  • Kangaroo

The ones mentioned above are the ones I could recollect, there were many species of the some animals.

Below are some of the photos from the trip:
Lazy 5 Ranch - Animals walking across

Lazy 5 Ranch -Bird Walking Across

Lazy 5 Ranch - Animals

Lazy 5 Ranch - Car in Front Feeding the Animals

Lazt 5 Ranch - Upclose with animals

Lazy 5 Ranch - Zebra

Lazy 5 Ranch - Animals Relaxing

Lazy 5 Ranch - Kangaroo

Overall, It was a very good experience. Must visit if you are in and around Charlotte. Kids will absolutely love it and it is very much how close one can get close to nature without stepping over it.

Note: As this is my first blog post in over 15 months I tried to keep it short and simple with minimal details so that I could get this post through rather than being lazy and not post at all :-)