Romare Bearden Park – Charlotte

Romare Bearden Park located at 300 S. Church Street, Charlotte NC memorializes the late artist Romare Bearden and is one of the newer parks in Charlotte. At just 5.4 acres it is small but being very close to Charlotte Uptown it presents modernity blending with nature and a very good get away for some good time.

Having visited the park on 18th July on a warm and sunny Saturday morning, I was witness to a lot happening in the park already a very good indication that lots of people visit it. There was a photo shoot going on for a marriage, a yoga session in progress, people who had come to walk their pets and then there were coffee tables where in construction workers from the near by constructions were taking time off and catching up on a snack.

The park has a focal point around the waterfall fountain which provides for some good photo opportunities and also a good way to cool yourself down for times when the temperatures were upward of 35 degrees Celsius. The fountain overlooks the grassy play area, as it was late morning there was a group which was busy with Yoga, but once they were done the kids came in and started playing soccer. The park also has a small flower garden and coffee table seats to sit and relax.

The city keeps holding lots of events at regular intervals to promote the park and encourage people to visit the park (You can visit the Romare Bearden Park page get more information about the park and the events happening over there). Overall it is a good park to visit on a casual evening to sit and relax especially if you are in and around Charlotte Uptown and want to take some time out.

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