Windows Key in keyboard

Start Oracle using Windows Batch Script

If you are a developer like me then there would generally be a stack which you would be working on, for me it is Oracle, Apache and Tomcat. Considering how heavy they are on the system and how badly they can slow down the system, I prefer to not have them startup with windows and instead start them up manually as required using windows batch scripts. Here is what I did to get the things setup:...

December 14, 2015 · 1 min · Mr. Kamath

Facebook - How many likes can I get?

I first wrote about Facebook on Oct 2, 2006 in my blog post “ – a small take” and it has been about 9 years since, at that time Facebook was a small time player in the Indian social networking scene with about 2000 people covering the whole of India Network (yes!). It was also a time when Orkut was starting to shine in the Indian landscape and Facebook was not known to many....

October 12, 2015 · 4 min · Mr. Kamath

Keyboard Shortcut for Copy & Paste in Command Prompt

If you are old school like me and prefer to stay closer to the keyboard rather than use the mouse, the copy and paste in Windows Command Prompt can be a bit tricky. But as usual the menu options provided by Windows allows to copy and paste without using a mouse. Here’s the keyboard shortcut to perform the copy and paste operation: Copy: Alt + Space -> E -> K will take you to mark mode....

September 9, 2015 · 1 min · Mr. Kamath
Romare Bearden Park

Romare Bearden Park - Charlotte

Romare Bearden Park located at 300 S. Church Street, Charlotte NC memorializes the late artist Romare Bearden and is one of the newer parks in Charlotte. At just 5.4 acres it is small but being very close to Charlotte Uptown it presents modernity blending with nature and a very good get away for some good time. Having visited the park on 18th July on a warm and sunny Saturday morning, I was witness to a lot happening in the park already a very good indication that lots of people visit it....

July 17, 2015 · 2 min · Mr. Kamath
Representative rach photo

Lazy 5 Ranch - Mooresville

About Lazy 5 Ranch Lazy 5 Ranch is a privately owned ranch located about an hours drive from Charlotte. The ranch initially started as one man’s interest to raise exotic animals, but seeing the interest it has now turned into a ranch where everyone especially the kids can get up and close with the animals. Being close to Charlotte meant we could visit it and come back in a few hours....

April 13, 2014 · 3 min · Mr. Kamath