One Idli please

Couple of years back on a Sunday evening I and Harish were sitting in the BSK IInd stage park chatting about how tough the life of a software engineer has become. Suddenly a thin and untidy looking man came up to us and started begging for a single Idli saying he had not had food for a day or so and was feeling very hungry, but by looking at him we could make out he was a bit drunk.

So we told him to go away but he was persistent and kept on asking, after a couple of minutes we felt it was wise to give this fellow the benefit of the doubt, after all he may not have had food for sometime which is resulting him in being a bit shaky. So we asked him to come along with us and we proceed toward the park exit.

The moment we reached the exit of the park the man stopped in his tracks, we called him telling the hotel is just a few yards away, but he stood still. Finally he opened his mouth and told us he does not want anything. We insisted, but he did not listen. Hence we went back to the park, meanwhile he had found someone else to beg for a Idli (Never knew Idli was the codename for Liquor!!) ;-)

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