Nandi Betta (Nandi Hills) Trip

Travel Date: 02-October-2011
Location: Nandi Hills/Nandi Betta
Mobile: Spordiac coverage (Tested on Airtel). You can get coverage at certain places.
Transportation: Take KSRTC bus from Majestic, platform 13 at 8:30am
Return buses at 2:30pm,4:15pm and 5pm (Better be early)
Food: Better to carry snacks/water, food available at Hotel Mayura and Hotel Ranjita

Nandi Hills (Nandi Betta) is situated about 60 Kms from Bangalore and was my and my friends destination for the day. Till yesterday late evening we had not decided where we would be heading; then finally we settled on Nandi Hills. Here is how the things went…

Early morning at 8:00 am we reached Majestic Bus Terminus, and then moved over to the KSRTC bus stand Platform 13 from where we took the direct bus to Nandi Hills which leaves the terminus at 8:30. The bus goes via Doddabellapur and costs us Rs. 46/- per head. The journey was pleasant and we reached the bottom of the hills also known as the Nandi Hill Cross at around 10:30, the last 8 kms of the journey is completely uphill and we reached the top at 11:00 am.

View from the Nandi Hills

We then purchased the entrance tickets which were minimally priced at Rs 5/- per head. The first think you see as soon as you enter is the Amrit Sarovar which is a small tank, nothing much to see here, so we moved on.

Instead of taking the motor-able road to the top, we took the walking path situated to the left of the tank. This turned out to be a very good choice as we soon found our self walking along the fort walls which gave us some really amazing views of the land below.

As we continued we came to ‘Gandhi Nilaya’, the rest house where Gandhiji had stayed long long ago, though people are not allowed inside, the view which could be had from the garden area justified the choice for Gandiji’s stay here.

View from Gandhi Nilaya in Nandi Hills

The next stop was at ‘Nehru Nilaya’, this has been nicely maintained; but again no entry inside the building. But it does provide some good photographic opportunities. There is also some seating and playing arrangements on the sides where we relaxed for sometime before moving ahead.

Moving ahead we went to ‘Yoginandishwara Temple’ and then moved on to have our lunch at ‘Hotel Mayur’ which is a part of KSTDC (only other alternative was ‘Hotel Ranjita’).

View from Nandi Hills

After lunch we went to a spot called “Tipu’s Drop” right behind the temple, apparently because Tipu Sultan used to punish people by throwing people down from this place. The spot and the views it offered was just too breath taking. The spot which I am talking is somewhat blocked. But the other side it is completely open; though we were on the safer side and did not navigate our self to the very edge there were some fanatics who took them self to the very edge. We even saw two lovers sitting on the rocks at the very edge and one false move would have been the last anyone would have seen of them. The most amazing thing was that there were parents who wanted to take snaps of the kids aged around 3-5 years, who let them alone near the edge!!! Are people really this foolish or just too ignorant of the risks and the dangers involved; or are they under the influence of “Nothing can happen to us” syndrome.

After roaming around a bit more we headed back to the bus stop, and found one just arriving, that to a direct one to Bangalore. The charge was Rs.46/- per head and the bus route for this bus was to pass through Chikkabellapura, hence the total distance was 86kms. We left Nandi Hills at 2:15pm and reached KSRTC terminus exactly at 4:15 pm.

Overall the Nandi hills is a good spot for picnic and for a day away for the city life. And it is an inexpensive way to chill out, we incurred an expense of 190/- per head for the whole trip, around half was it for the food items which are quite expensive on the hill. Have a great time.


  • Nandi Hills is located 60 Kms from Bangalore.
  • Direct bus to Nandi Hills is at 8:30 am from KSRTC bus stop platform number 13.
  • The top of the hills is approx 4851 Feet (1479 Mtrs) above mean sea level.
  • Places to visit: Gandhi Nilaya, Nehru Nilaya, Yoginandishwara Temple, Tipu’s Drop.
  • Two hotels on the top (Ranjitha and Mayura)


  • It is better to take any food items which you want to eat from Bangalore itself, everything sold in the hills is priced around 30% above MRP, example Lays MRP Rs. 20/- is sold for Rs. 25/-, Ice cream MRP 18/- is sold at 25/- !!!
  • Walk around and explore for the best experience.

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  1. Thanks for providing us the useful guidance.
    However, couple of points merits attention here.
    1. Due to monkey menace one cannot fully enjoy the trip with family especially with kids. Monkeys are snatching each and every thing. One can take food items even water either in hotel or in guesthouse. (Sometimes even hotels are not safe from monkeys and we have seen it).
    2. At the entrance, there is guidance map of Nandi Hills. One can look carefully and then visit the hill.
    3. Ticket charges are 10 rupees per person
    4. Don’t rely on bus timings. 2:30 bus arrived on 2:05 and left on 2:10.
    5. Up hill journey is 7 kms till main gate or ticket counter. One KM journey either you can walk or you can go with your vehicle (car) up to Nehru Nilaya.

  2. @Suresh: Thanks for your inputs. Yes, Monkey menace is a issue and so is buses not sticking to its scheduled timings. But it is a part and parcel of the whole experience.

  3. Hi Nithin,

    Thanks for the detailed info. Just have couple of queries:
    1) The bus leaves from Majestic at 8:30 AM towards Nandi Hills, is it a non-BMTC bus i.e. there’s no day pass, right? Any other direct bus timing is there from Majestic?

    2) After purchasing the entry tickets at Nandi Hills and then going inside you took the walking route. So how long is that route and where it will take us? Where is the exit point to catch the KSRTC bus to return to Majestic?

  4. If I decide to go by my car, where should I park my car at the bottom of the hill [ say beyond Nandi Hill Cross ] ? I don’t want to drive in tough hills. How much I wd have to walk on foot [hill tracking, which I love] to reach the ultimate hill ? Are there some other means like e-cart, pony, horse etc for local commutation from bottem to uphill point ?

    • @Davindra: I am not sure of the parking options since I went by Bus, but you should be able to part your car at any village at the foothills and then get a bus to the top.

        • @puran: I don’t know the exact timing currently, but believe there are buses around 4pm and 5pm. It is always best to ask the conductor of the bus you are on when making the journey to Nandi hills for the latest timings. But even if you miss the direct bus to Bangalore, you should still be able to take any bus which goes to Chikballapur / Doddaballapur and get buses from there to the Bangalore.

  5. Hi Nithin,
    How did u go up from Nandi hills cross ?
    what and all transportation services available ??
    i am planning to come by BMTC bus.