Cockroaches…Cockroaches….they just keep growing in number and there is nothing you can do about them…that was the past…things have changed now. Let me start with the situation a couple of years back when I moved into the room I am staying in there were none. For one year there was not problem, but as time passed a few started making their presence felt. And no matter how clean I kept my room and how many I killed they still kept on growing.

At the start of the year I was happy as there were only a couple of them at the max, but as the year progressed suddenly they became a menace. Time had come to take some action.

There are various products in the market which claim to solve the problem. But I was a bit skeptical of using such products especially the spray varieties even though they do seem to do their job, but keep on spraying here and there was not an option I was interested in.

Then one day my father told me he had bought a product which claims to solve the problem. I got the product to Bangalore about one month back when I had been to my home city.

The product is called ‘Lotus Cockroach Vanisher’ and is manufactured by Adinath Impex, Bangalore - 2. Its usage is simple you have to make small balls of it and place it in areas where the cockroaches frequent and it claims to effective for six months, for a product which costs Rs.60 for 100 grams its a tall claim to make.

I quickly made small balls of the product and placed it at a few places, and WOW!!! not even one minute had passed the cockroaches came running like it was some limited free meal, and I was truly amazed, it was like the product had an AXE effect on the cockroaches!!! See the pictures below if you do not believe (viewer discretion is advised, also note that the photos are not to scale and will make cockroaches appear larger than they are!!).





And what happened then? Well in the next four-five days I had to sweep out 20+ cockroaches of various sizes!! and that was the last I saw of them, it been a month now and no new visitor yet. I wanted to see if it really works as claimed hence waited for this long before posting this. Kudos to the manufactures for making such a good product.

Note: This was orginally posted on Jul 19,2009 in by earlier blog which now ceases to exist.