Kannada Flag If you have been to Bangalore and had a look around you will see a peculiar flag (half yellow and half red colour) on the roof tops of all the big buildings. Almost everyone who comes to Bangalore will have a question what is this flag, and most of them think it is the Karnataka Flag. But all of us know that we have one and only flag which is the Indian tricolour Flag which alone can be used, and none of the states are allowed to have their own flag.

So how come Karnataka has its own flag, well I did a bit of searching and found that the flag is not officially or unofficially the Karanataka Flag. It is actually the flag of a political party ‘Kannada Paksha’ which was formed in 1965 by one Mr Ma. Ramamurthy, though the party did not last long, but the flag which is actually the Kannada Flag stayed on, and is now in the sentiments of the people as the flag which represents Karnataka. Hence we now find people using this flag whether for the Karnataka Rajotsava or be it for any protests.

Now are you wondering what is the significance of the yellow and red colours in the flag, well they stand for Arshina and Kumkuma respectively. So hope that clears out any misunderstanding that people may have regarding the flag.