FM radio has taken the fancy of almost everyone, with music available 24x7, it is easy to get plug in your earphones and listen to the songs and the blabbering of the RJ’s. If you go anywhere in Bangalore you will see people listening to radio, not just people walking in streets, but those inside shops, buses and where ever you can imagine.

There are currently 10+ FM radio channels in Bangalore which offer music in English, Hindi and of course the local language Kannada. Then you have film music, classical music and also educational programs. But one genre I am missing is that of news.

There is no news channel available, only music and education. There is a news broadcast on the AIR FM broadcast every hour, but it is a pain to wait. I still don’t know why no news channel has been launched, may be because government does not allow private players to broadcast news.

I don’t understand one thing, when you have so many private news channel, why cant we have then air an radio channel. If you are unaware of the FM channels available in Bangalore, please scroll down. Hoping to have a news channel soon….Till then….classical music is the way to go.

List of FM radio stations in Bangalore along with their tag lines:

Channel Name Frequency Tagline Website
S FM 93.50MHz Mast Maja Madi
Big FM 92.7MHz Keli Kelisi Life Nimmadagisi
Radio City 91.10MHz Dive In
Radio Mirchi 98.30MHz Sakkat Hot Maga
Radio Indigo (English) 91.90MHz The Colour of Music
FM Rainbow 101.30MHz -
Vividh Bharathi 102.85MHz -
Radio One 94.30MHz Hit Mele Hit Mele Hit Mele Hit
Fever FM 104.00MHz It Is All About The Music
Amrutha Varshini 100.10MHz (6pm to 10pm) -
Gyanvani 107.20MHz Education At Your Doorstep