As I was going through the post I made in my old and lost blog, I came across this post which I had written in October 2nd, 2006. It has been 5 years since I wrote this post and look how much has changed!! Here is what I had originally written

Today I was introduced to by Diabolic Preacher. So what is Facebook, their blog mentions:

“We want to help people understand their world. We started at one school, and realized over and over again that this site was useful to everyone” not just to Harvard students, not just to college students, not just to students, not just to former students. We’ve kept growing to accommodate this fact.

This includes your friends who graduated pre-Facebook (yes, there was such a time), your friends who don’t have school or work email addresses, and your friends whose schools don’t give out email addresses. Now you can all connect."

The feature set of Facebook is also pretty good, consider all these: Photos, Notes (Blog), Groups, Events, Messages..etc all add up to a good feature set. One of the advantages that this site has over other sites is the privacy settings options, where one can set from the lowest level of privacy to the highest level. This means that you have control over who see’s your profile, which is much better than letting any person in this world being able to see your profile.

One of the first things that you will notice while registering for is that it allows you to be a part of a regional network, or college or work place. I thought of joining the regional network of Karnataka, to my surprise, the smallest network that I can choose that I fit into is India, no statewise networks for India yet.

Then I tried out the Notes feature which let me import my blog posts directly into the profile, which is cool, very much like what Yahoo! 360 does. It also allows others to comment on your notes, which is kind of nice.Next I went on and tried the Photo’s section, created a album and uploaded some photos, even here it offered me, to whom the album should be visible to (all, friends and network, friends only) which is a nice set of options to have.

Then there is the Wall, a scrapbook (Orkut) kind of thing. Orkut scapping is just waste, since if you check out your scraps one month later you may not understand what was the context of the messages since you get to see only what the other side has posted, not what u posted on their scrap. Facebook has something called wall-to-wall which allows you to see all the post you made on the other party wall as well as the post the other part has made on your wall, all combined, so this at least makes some sense.

There are many more things still left to check out…..will post about that later…currently there are less than 2000 people in the India network….so not many people I know hang out there….lets see how my friends will react to this site. –

Nithin Kamath’s Facebook profile