Configure Beetel 110TC1 ADSL2+ Router for BSNL

Last week I had to buy the Beetel 110TC1 ADSL2+ router from the open market after my Huawei router purchased from BSNL broke down due to power fluctuations.

The steps to configure Beetel 110TC1 router for BSNL broadband (Dataone) is as follows, the steps remain the same regardless of the operating system (I have Linux Mint 12 in my system):

  • Connect the Ethernet cable, telephone line and the power line to the modem and switch on your machine and the modem.
  • Open your favourite browser and type in in the address bar.
  • Enter admin as the username and password as the password in the popup window and press enter.
  • You should be greeted with the Beetel 110TC1 configuration page.
  • Click on Interface Setup
  • For Virtual Circuit, you can choose either the default PVC0 or PVC2. If you choose PVC0, then you need to set VPI = 0 and VCI = 35 (This is specific to BNSL). If you choose PVC2, the default values are 0 and 35.
  • Ensure that status of the Virtual Circuit is ‘Activated’.
  • Under the ‘PPPoA/PPPoE’ section enter the user name/password combination provided by BSNL. For me the username as first two characters of my first name follower by my telephone number along with the STD Code. That is ni80xxxxxxxx. The password is ‘password’.
  • Save your changes.
  • The next step is to set the DNS entries, navigate to the sub-tab ‘LAN’ under ‘Interface Setup’.
  • Under DHCP, change the DNS Relay to ‘Use User Discovered DNS Server Only’.
  • I use OpenDNS, hence set the values of Primary and Secondary DNS to the values provided by OpenDNS which is and
  • Save the changes and you should now be able to connect.

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  1. Hi, am in the same situation as you. My Nokia-Siemens modem cum router provided by BSNL just keeps rebooting and so m looking for a modem cum router. I have a wireless router. Can i use this (beetel) modem cum router and extend the network via the wireless router that i already have?

    • @Shashank: Yes I would say it should be possible. But best would be to check with the dealer beforehand.

  2. thanks a ton, this really helped…………u r great. u did the job of bsnl guy and saved us the trouble of finding out their office and getting it configured.
    thanks again.

  3. Hello Nithin.

    I am Anil from Chennai.
    I am a user of BSNL Broadband and was using Nokia Siemens Modem. Recently that modem stopped working and I bought Beetal 110TC1 ADSL2+ Router and BSNL guys configured.
    But the thing is I cant open Yahoomail or even the yahoo main page.Sometimes the same problem for Hotmail. ( Gmail, Google etc.. ok) Please suggest what to do and could you pls send a complete configuration set up for Beetel 110TC1.

    Also in your opinion which Co.’s modem/router is best for BSNL broadband for speed and reliability.
    Please revert your valuable feedback.
    Thank you


  4. Thanks for this post. The settings were helpful in making the DSL stable, but I still could not connect to internet. So I thought to experiment a little.
    So here is what I did after this.
    First I tried PVC0, but I could not connect to internet as I had to make PVC (or something like that) 0~35 (which I could not here as it said fake PVI/PVC), so tried 3~35, and it worked but not helpful.
    So guys, try PVC2, and make it 0~35.
    Then, check that the setting DNS is set to Dynamic (not Static, or you will have to set the IPs).

  5. Mr Kamath
    I have Beetal 110TC1 ADSL2+ Router can we create a hotspot for my premises, kindly help me please. Thanks in advance


  6. i have bsnl modem n i ball router n i want to chanje my wifi password .when i open and enter admin and password thn also page dosent open i have tried so many things but no result is there any solution plzz reply..?

  7. Thankyou for your information. Please tell methat can we use this router for Wifi network. Then what should we do to configure.

  8. i have this beetel 110tc1 adsl2+router i have connected to internet on my machine through your help but i cant find its wireless option as i want to surf internet on my mobile also plz help…….

    • This is not a Wifi Router. So, if you guys want to access internet through Wifi, you must hook this beetel device to an external wireless router.

  9. this modem was initially set it up for Airtel, now I tried following your method when i use PVC0, its showing up Error so i used PVC2, when i checked under status it shows connected but the Data link in the modem is not up and not able to open web.. Can you help ?

  10. Can I use Beetel 110TC1 ADSL2 router for beam fiber connection.I got this router when I took airtel connection,but now am not using airtel and changed my connection to beam fiber.Will this router work for beam fiber? If so,then could you please help me

  11. thanks man you have done great job by writing this blog. but i have question i have a router that is previously used by me when i had a airtel connection now i am using it for bsnl . there is a field CWMP (access mangement ->CWMP) that show some url e.g how can i set CWMp for bsnl

  12. i am alredy using bsnl wimax but i want a router so that i can use internet on my android phone as well as on laptop using wifi.So please suggest me in buying a router.

  13. adress is not working. What to do? I have tried resetting it. Please help me through this.
    Thanks :)

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