This blog is a self managed installation of WordPress which means that the overall responsibility of taking backups and ensuring that the blog is always up and running rests solely on my shoulders.

So the first task was to ensure that I have a backup of the blog, the second was to have it in a cloud service so that I can restore it easily in case of any issues. During my search for an easy and quick way of making backup for my WordPress installations I came across ‘WordPress Backup to Dropbox’ (WPB2D) which is an extension for WordPress which makes use of the cloud based folder sync service ‘Dropbox’ to store the backup.

Since I have been running my blog on WordPress for a pretty long time, and have been using Dropbox for my file and folder backup and synchronization for the past 3-4 years this extension proved ideal for me. Since I am already using Dropbox, this eliminated the need to sign up to one more cloud service for just backing up my blog.

So I went ahead and installed the extension using the ‘Add New Plugin’ option in the plugins section. The extension is very simple to setup, first you would need to allow the extension to connect to your Dropbox account; this is done through OAuth process. Once authenticated just set when the backup should happen and let it do its work.

WPB2D will copy the entire blog which includes all the files and folders along with the database to Dropbox. For me it created a folder ‘Apps’ and inside that ‘wpb2d’ in Dropbox for making the backup.

Overall I found this extension really useful to have to ensure I have a backup of my blog always accessible. Also the basic features are free, if you want any additional features there is a premium version available as well.

Extension URL:

Note: This blog is no longer running on WordPress and have moved over to a static site.