All of us have at some point of time have had an experience which would have touched our hearts and would stay in our memories for years to come. I personally was a viewer to one such event, a couple of weeks back. It was Sunday evening and I was walking about in Jayanagar exploring the various cross roads. I came across a small park and I decided to give my legs a short break and sat on the bench near the kids play area.

It is always fun seeing kids play and how small kids become friends in just seconds and interact without having any language barrier. There were many rides for kids here, one such ride was a side ways rotation ride and was about 4-5 feet high from the ground. Since the ride was higher than ground and was like flying in air the kids were enjoying it to their max.

As I watching, just one boy lets name him Arun was still in the ride and Arun’s middle aged father was rotating the ride. After about 5 minutes Arun wanted to get down, just as his father was putting him back on the ground a small boy lets name him Varun aged around 5 -6 years with torn and dirty clothes walked up to Arun’s father and pointed to the ride. Arun’s father politely asked Varun if he wanted to get on the ride, and picked him and placed him on the ride and started rotating the ride. Varun was smiling and laughing the whole time he was on the ride. After a couple of minutes Arun’s father put Varun back on the ground.

The moment Varun’s feet hit the ground it was unable to stay put, he was jumping around and his excitement knew no bounds, the expressions on this face cannot be put in words. Hats off to Arun’s father who took the extra effort to bring a smile on this poor boy Varun’s face. From what I was observing most of the other fathers and mothers when seeing Varun nearing the rides where their kids were playing would pull away their kids and give strange expressions which would translate to who let this kid in, can’t he go somewhere else and play.

It was mixed bag for me, on one side Arun’s father had treated Varun as he would do for his own kid was a great source for happiness, on the other hand other parents who were very worried about their status and standing in society than care about a innocent kid were a source for sadness.

It is important to remember that small actions can mean so much to others, I can still remember the smile on the boys face and the sparkle in his eyes. Did you have any such experiences, please do share through comments.