What is kamaths.org

kamaths.org is a personal blog of a certain Mr. Kamath, it covers blog posts on various topics which the author wanted to write about for future reference and also for sharing it with others. Some of the most popular posts have been around travelog in and around Bangalore and solutions to some uncommon issues with Linux setups.

Who is Mr. Kamath?

Mr. Kamath is a blogger from Mangalore / Mangaluru who works in the technology domain. He is a vivid follower of all the things going on in technology landscape and interests among other things includes FOSS and programming.

When did he start blogging?

He started blogging in 2004 (under a different domain name) and later switched to this domain sometime in 2011. The period of 2004 to 2012 was the time when most of blog posts were done, post that due to demands of work and general work-life balance resulted in the blog going into a virtual freeze. But in 2022, he is back after a five year break and on a very small scale with the intention to write something every month.

What topics are covered?

He writes mainly on technology, travel and general stuff. The posts have varied from travelogs to DIYs to technology. The best way to find the topics would be to use the tags menu at the top.

How to contact?

Use the comments section in any blog post to drop a note to Mr. Kamath.